The Steering Committee of the Friends of Chemistry consists of up to six members, each serving three-year terms.  The members are recruited by the department and the existing committee members, though self-nominations and other nominations are welcomed.  The membership of the committee is chosen, in part, to provide representation of the professions Wake Forest Chemistry students commonly pursue,  Medicine, Industry, Academia, and Government/Legal Service.  Terms of service begin with approval at the General Meeting of the Friends of Chemistry held each Homecoming weekend.



Steering Committee Class of 2017


Evan Ritter, MD is a 2007 graduate of Wake Forest with a B.S. in Chemistry with concentration in Biochemistry. He also attended the Wake Forest School of Medicine and graduated in 2012. In 2015 he will complete his Internal Medicine residency at VCU and will remain at VCU an additional year to serve as one of the chief medical residents. After finishing his training, he plans to work as a hospitalist.




Kim Beam Stover, M.D. is a 2008 graduate of Wake Forest with a B.S. in Chemistry.

Steering Committee Class of 2018


W.C. (Bill) Batten,; is a 1974 graduate of Wake Forest with a B.A. in Chemistry and a M.B.A. from Duke University (1980). Upon graduation from Wake Forest, he worked for Union Carbide corporation. In 1983 Bill founded Thermaco, a manufacturer of effluent compliance products for commercial and industrial facilities. Inventor and Co-Inventor of 50 patents and four pending patents, he is currently CEO of Thermaco. Bill lives in Asheboro, NC with his wife, Susan (WFU 75) and enjoys golf, gardening, traveling and designing new products.


William Hoos received a B.S. in Chemistry from Wake forest in 1993. He also has an MS in Organic Chemistry from UCLA, and an MBA from Georgia Tech.

He presently advises medical diagnostic, device, pharmaceutical and patient advocate organizations globally on product development and market strategy. He is a consulting partner at Personalized Medicine Partners and a venture partner at Pilot Mountain Ventures. Recent clients include OncoPlexDx, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Skyline Diagnostics BV and Vanda Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Hoos was previously with Philips Home Healthcare Solutions (Respironics) as Director of New Product Commercialization, where he led the Sleep Well Ventures business in bringing key new products to market. Sleep Well Ventures was established by Respironics as an internal venture group responsible for creating a portfolio of medical devices through business development, acquisitions, and equity investments. While there, Mr. Hoos led new product marketing, strategy and implementation, applied research, clinical trial design, regulatory strategy, and manufacturing.  He led the international launch of a novel insomnia therapy device and designed and defended the US regulatory approval strategy including multiple meetings with the FDA. Additionally, he led the successful integration of an acquisition in light therapy devices and on-time design and launch of their next generation award winning product.

Prior to Respironics, Mr. Hoos held various roles in R&D and business development. He has also been a software entrepreneur. He has served as an advisor to CancerQuest and a visiting executive lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh and is a mentor with SCORE in the Chapel Hill, NC chapter.

Steering Committee Class of 2019

James Harton (Jim) graduated from Wake Forest in 1974. with a B.A. in Biology. Now retired, Jim is the former President and CEO of Eco Services Operations LLC, a chemical service company divested from Solvay SA in December 2014 and now owned by CCMP Capital Advisors of New York. Eco Services operates seven chemical plants in North America, producing and regenerating sulfuric acid and sulfur-related products used widely by gasoline refiners and chemical manufacturers. Prior to this Jim was the general manager of Solvay North America and President of Eco Services when it was part of the Solvay Group. From 2005 Jim also served as President of Rhodia Inc., the specialty chemicals company acquired by Solvay in 2011. Jim joined Rhone-Poulenc, Rhodia’s predecessor, through its acquisition of Mobil Corporation’s crop chemicals business in 1981, where he held several commercial and marketing roles in Rhone-Poulenc’s agricultural chemicals business. Jim served on the Executive Committee of the Society of Chemical Industry – American Division (2014-2015), the Board of the American Chemistry Council (2007-2014), the Board of Société de Chimie Industrielle – American Chapter (2006-2013) and on the Board of the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey (2008-2013). A native of Richmond, Va., Jim and his wife, Courtenay, now live on their farm in Oak Ridge, North Carolina.

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