Homecoming 2013 Activity Information

Posted on: September 25, 2013

There are 7 activities listed below.  Make sure you look at them all!


Friday, October 18:

Back-to-the-Classroom with Prof. Mark Welker – “Drug Discovery and Technology Transfer at Wake Forest”.   Any alumni from the pharmaceutical industry in attendance may have the opportunity to chime in.  (3PM DeTamble Auditorium in Tribble Hall)

Other Back-to-the-Classroom speakers include Jenny Puckett (’71) talking about WFU traditions (but don’t go to that because it is going on at the same time as Welker’s talk), Dan Hammond from Economics talking at 2PM in DeTamble about things economists know (or not), and new Provost Rogan Kersh (’86) talking at 2PM in the Annenberg Auditorium (Carswell Hall) about Gen Y folks (11-29 year olds).

The Alumni office folks would like you to register for these, but no one will yell at you if you walk in unregistered.  If you want to register, go to…



4th Annual Friends of Chemistry Career Event (4PM Salem 210) –  This event is geared at the current students, attempting to give them a bit of insight into career directions taken by their WFU Chemistry predecessors.  In the past, there has been a broad spectrum of career directions covered, but this year we are going to focus on career paths related to the pharmaceutical industry – but still pretty broad: anything from research to production to marketing to protecting the IP.
If you are pharmaceutically oriented, we’d love to have you help out with this event, but please contact Al Rives (rivesab@wfu.edu) and let him know you are coming.


2nd Annual Friends of Chemistry Dinner and Reception – Spring House Restaurant (corner of 5th and Spring Streets in downtown W-S) 6-8:30PM.  The department will provide the appetizers as people are arriving, including a beer/wine/soft drink  bar service, followed by a ‘family style’ dinner service.  There will be a $30 charge for each person.  Payment can be paid at the event in cash or check (made out to the department) – no credit cards for this one please.  Please RSVP for this one via email to Al Rives (rivesab@wfu.edu).


Saturday, October 19:


General Meeting of the Friends of Chemistry (9AM Salem 10) – This General meeting is expressly aimed at the entire group of Friends of Chemistry.  There are monthly meetings of the steering committee (teleconferencing) which do not aim to exclude participation by other Friends of Chemistry, but this one truly aims to draw out the general membership.  We will try to provide online connection to this meeting so folks who are not at Homecoming can still participate.  Keep your eye on the LinkedIn group page for information about connecting to the meeting.


The meeting will allow for general discussion of topics on the minds of the attendees, and it will also provide an opportunity to welcome 2 new steering committee members and to acknowledge the service of the 2 departing members.  There is no need to RSVP or register for this meeting.


Deacon Demo Show VI (10AM Winston 126) – You just wouldn’t believe how Wake Foresty science demonstrations can be.  Come to the demo show and find out.  This will be the 2nd year in which we will include other departments in the demo show.  Physics was part of the show last year, and this year the biologists have also been granted eligibility.


One word of caution, however: if you have to bring a Maryland fan with you, they may need to cover their eyes and ears occasionally.


The university gives you the opportunity to register for this, but it is not essential – it’s OK to just show up.


Joint Science Reception with Biology and Physics (10:30AM-noon,  Winston Hall Lobby) – This has always been a great part of the Homecoming activities.  Expect to see old friends and faculty.  But since most of us took Biology and Physics courses too, and we befriended a few biology and physics majors along the way, this year it will be extra special since we will be holding the reception jointly with Biology and Physics.


Again, you can register so the Alumni folks can know where alumni are interested in going, but you can also just show up.


FoC Tailgate – Extension of the reception.  Look for the FoC flag in the Orange Lot.
(2hrs prior to kickoff – call 336-508-1675 during tailgate for exact location )


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